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Over the years we have worked with almost every metal used in architecture. Further, we have vast experience when it comes to metal finishing and patina. We use a layered approach to our patina and finishes, lending depth and interest to the finished product.

Our complete library of patina samples (sanded, weathered, antique, distressed) is far too vast to include on this page. Please understand you are not limited to the finishes provided on this page. These are simply the most commonly requested finish options for copper, zinc, steel, bronze, brass, or even pewter.

If you have a certain look in mind or want to explore different metals and finish patterns, please use this page as a foundation when planning your project. Use our inquiry page to start the process.

1) Samples provided for architects' and designers' material libraries are quoted per request. Please inquire.

2) We have the ability to create large, custom samples priced per request. Please inquire.

3) Monitor settings and ambient lighting may affect the brightness or saturation of the metal swatches on this page. We recommend physical samples for selecting a patina.

► Brass/Bronze

Brass and bronze add warmth to any room. Their subtle tones of yellow and gold work well as an accent metal, particularly when patinated to a dark tone and highlighted with a light burnish to bring out the original color. Below are traditional patinas for brass and bronze. View all our brass/bronze range hoods.

Natural Bronze Natural Bronze
bronze antique Light Antique Bronze
Medium Antique Bronze Medium Antique Bronze
Dark Antique Bronze Dark Antique Bronze

► Zinc

To say zinc is a strange metal would be an understatement. From a metalworker's perspective it has its own set of rules. Mastering its workability requires patience and acceptance of a long learning curve, especially when being used to working with metals such as copper or steel. Below you will see our most popular zinc finishes, but we also have numerous weathered zinc patinas available. Browse our zinc range hoods.

Natural Zinc Natural Zinc
Light Antique Zinc Light Antique Zinc
Medium Antique Zinc Medium Antique Zinc
Dark Antique Zinc Dark Antique Zinc
Vintage Zinc NEW Vintage Zinc

► Copper

Copper is an exciting metal with an almost limitless palette of colors possible. A mainstay of rustic and old world design, copper is the honest choice for fine handcrafted metalwork. These selections are our traditional patinas for copper range hoods, chimney pots, farmhouse sinks and countertops. View all our copper range hoods.

Light Antique Copper Light Antique Copper
Medium Antique Copper Medium Antique Copper
Dark Antique Copper Dark Antique Copper
Light Brown Copper Light Brown Copper
Medium Brown Copper Medium Brown Copper
Dark Brown Copper Dark Brown Copper

► Steel

Steel is the "almost forgotten" medium when it comes to custom interior metalwork; its cousin stainless steel gets all of the attention. Raw steel is a reliable metal with a robust collection of colors and finishes available—almost comparable to copper—and makes an excellent choice for range hoods and fireplace hoods. These selections are our most popular steel finishes. Browse our steel range hoods and stainless steel range hoods.

Natural Steel Natural Steel
Light Antique Steel Light Antique Steel
Medium Antique Steel Medium Antique Steel
Blackened Steel Blackened Steel
Forged Steel Forged Steel
Rust Steel Rust Steel
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

► Pewter

Pewter is a metal that is both soft on the eyes and the hands. Its cool, grayish tones keep its setting calm and cool. With an extremely low melting point its weldability can be quite a challenge, but its malleability makes it as limitless as copper when it comes to forming options for edge details, repousse, etc. These selections are our traditional patinas for pewter.

Natural Pewter Natural Pewter
Light Antique Pewter Light Antique Pewter
Medium Antique Pewter Medium Antique Pewter

► Textures

Metals enhanced with custom textures are one of the sure ways to set your project apart. These work well as accents to the larger piece but also do very well on the entire canvas. These selections are most of our custom textures we have done on our projects. Range hoods, countertops and fireplace hoods are the most widely used applications.

Fully Hammered Copper Texture Fully Hammered
Microhammered Copper Texture Microhammered
Distressed Copper Texture Distressed
Cross Peen Copper Texture Cross Peen
Warty Copper Texture Warty
Metal Crete Copper Texture Metal Crete

► Powdercoat

Our powder coating capabilities are far too extensive to display on this page. We can take your specific color code to achieve the exact match for whichever color you are trying to achieve.

Maroon Powdercoated Steel Maroon
Flat Black Powdercoated Steel Flat Black
La Cornue Blue Powdercoated Steel La Cornue Blue

► Custom Finishes

These selections are just a few of the more distressed and non-traditional finishes in addition to the high polish/mirror finishes available in all of our aforementioned metals. We handle all of the custom patinas on a per project basis, with custom samples made and sent to help achieve the desired look. Let us apply a custom copper or zinc patina to your custom zinc countertops or kitchen sink.

Red Copper Patina Red Copper
Distressed Copper Patina Distressed Copper
Weathered Copper Patina Weathered Copper
Weathered Stainless Steel Weathered Stainless Steel
Weathered Zinc Patina Weathered Zinc
Polished Mirror Metal Finish Polished Mirror

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